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Keeping your car safe for the road

November 23rd 2016

How many of us are a little lazy when it comes to regular maintenance of our vehicles? It’s too easy to wait for the service interval reminder to pop up on the dashboard, or the tyre pressure notification?

And when daily life takes over and the car seems to be working fine  then we just assume everything is OK.


But it’s vital for our own and the safety of others to keep our cars regularly maintained and inspected – whatever their age. Many accidents can be prevented just by making a few simple checks – and it’s great peace of mind once you’ve done those checks.


Correct Tyre Pressures

This is top of the list of simple actions you can take -not just from a safety angle but because your car will return better fuel efficiency if the pressures are correct. It’s simple – consult the car’s handbook and make a note! Also ensure that  your treads meet the legal requirement. Don’t forget to check the spare as well!


Seeing Clear

Good wiper blades and functional windscreen washers are essential for bad weather driving.

A crack or hole in the windscreen may not look like much, but it will weaken the glass and could also  affect your visibility. A sure sign that there is a crack in the windscreen is if you can hear a high-pitched whistle when driving . Make sure your car headlamps and indicators are in good working order too.


Fuel and Water

Failing to check oil levels is a risky business and could land you with a huge bill when the engine seizes up.  So keeping your engine healthy is important and should be done every couple of weeks especially for older cars. Water levels also need regular monitoring – particularly during the winter months – and antifreeze added at the right level will keep your engine running no matter how cold it gets.


Forgetting to keep some de-icer in the car may challenge you on occasions if you’ve been out and want to get home quickly – so make sure you have a can in the glove compartment.


Servicing your car


Again if your car is more than a few years old, it is recommended you service it annually or every 10,000 miles – depending on how much you use it.  Regular servicing will ensure that your brakes and associated parts are in good condition and are not likely to cause you problems.


And you might find it more economical to find yourself a recommended specialist for your make and model to help you maintain a full service history. You can also keep running costs down by shopping  around for replacement parts, like tyres, windscreens and batteries.  Costs can vary considerably from seller to seller.

We hope that these simple hints and tips will help you to keep your car in a roadworthy condition, saving you headaches and big bills down  the line!


Phil Howarth  23/11/16


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